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Shining Bright at the Inaugural Bisnow Event in Dublin Airport Central

October 2, 2019 Back to all news
Shining Bright at the Inaugural Bisnow Event in Dublin Airport Central

We were delighted to have the first ever event to be held at the brand new Dublin Airport Central Block Three facility, showcasing Bisnow's ​Dublin Future of Office Space event in our state-of-the-art conference space on October 1st, 2019.


How Is Dublin's Office Market Shaping Up in 2019?

Despite the inclement weather brewing up a very windy and rainy Tuesday morning as Storm Lorenzo gathered momentum over the Irish capital, the event played host to over 200 attendees, all of whom gained incredible insights into the growing office market in Dublin.

Some of the main topics and questions that were included on the day were:

Achieving NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) – How is the industry achieving this?

Attracting Occupiers – What needs to be offered by new developments to achieve this?

Campus Inspired Office Scheme Developments – What expertise is needed to ensure success?

Sustainable Development – What solutions are most cost effective?

It is no secret that demand for office space in the traditional core CBD (Central Business District) is getting to a state which is unsustainable, which is leading more growing businesses to search for a new home that will not only allow them to continue growth but also offer current and new employees access to a workspace which ticks all the boxes by providing a range of benefits.

Both 2017 and 2018 saw an increase in demand for office space, particularly by those who operate in the tech industry, and according to CBRE, 2019 could lead to the third year in a row in which demand for office space is on the rise in Dublin if this trend continues (which is looking likely).

One of the major trends in 2019 is the extension of office leasing activity, such as provided by Dublin Airport Central, offering dynamic workspaces to allow further business growth and development in spaces that are not only smart but sustainable, along with a strong sense of community & wellness.