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Free 6 Week Yoga Course for All DAC Customers

May 18, 2020 Back to all news
Whether your aim is to tone up, relax, reduce stress or simply boost your energy levels, our instructor will show you how to strengthen, tone and relax your body whilst quietening your mind! This 6-week programme can be enjoyed by everyone,whether you are new to yoga or are a veteran!

Our Yoga instructor, Gemma Habington has a distinguished career as a health and fitness specialist. Currently is the CEO and founder of Circ Fitness Ireland. Previously, had been a Head Coach in many Fitness & Clinical Rehabilitation Centers in the USA and Canada.

When? The classes will commence on May 20th at 13:00 via WebEx and will continue every Wednesday for 6 weeks. Duration of each class will be 60 minutes.

Join the classes here.

Event password: G2iQrMFPP82